Technology has given the world a means to entertain themselves for hours on end. However, it has also ensured that millions of people around the world can find employment. It does both so well, and a style of technology that epitomizes that to perfection is recording. Over your lifespan, there may have been times where you and your friends jokingly recorded a video to get a good laugh. Other times, you may have done so to make a little extra money on the side. Whatever the case, recording is a form of art. Just like in any form, proper tools (in this case equipment) must be used to ensure the best result possible. In a matter of moments, you will get the run down on all the essentials you need to properly record any sort of media (music, videos, etc.).


If you plan on recording a professional video, or piece of audio, it is vitally important to invest in a superb microphone. After all, it is the only true way to capture picture-perfect audio. If you rely on your camera’s audio, you may end up being disappointed. With that being said, there are several different variants of microphones that accommodate all sorts of situations. Some will clip right on to your collar and be barely visible (lapel), retract any excess noise that is coming from the sides of it (shotgun), or act as professional models (condenser and dynamic).

Either way, sound can make or break a video or song. To get a clearer understanding of the benefits of each style, as well as view some of the best available ones, make sure to check out However, do not think for one second that a microphone is the only device you will need.


This may seem painfully obvious, but it is still worth noting as there are different reasons to why you will need a computer. First of all, oftentimes, it will be the basis for your recording. Whether you need to edit your work to fix any errors or simply make alterations, you will need a computer to do so (at least, this is the easiest way to do it). Even more so, some recording devices can be accompanied with a computer (such as an USB microphone). However, the most important reason is because of the software.

It does not matter if you are creating a public video, song, or voiceover (or anything else you can think of) it will need to be edited inside of a software. Nobody creates a perfect piece of art without making modifications to it. The software you use, though, can vary. More times than not, to get professional content you will need to purchase one. For those who see recording more as a hobby, you could probably settle for free versions online.


This is where things can get a bit expensive. Chances are, you probably already own a computer that is capable of storing and editing all your content. But, for most occasions, you will need a camera to accompany you. Most specifically, when you are shooting videos. The positive aspect is that most smartphones (which everyone seems to possess these days) will come with a camera that is more than competent enough to shoot stellar videos. Though, for professional recording, they will not hold up as well as other digital cameras. Serious enthusiasts, looking to actually make a legitimate paycheck doing something like this, should spring for a television camera. And, thus, completely disintegrate the remains of your wallet.

It is fair to assume that most of you will not be willing to invest in something this expensive, which can sometimes hop into five figures. No problem, others will more than suffice. Just remember, what you pay is what you get. For pure entertainment purpose, you could probably get one fairly cheap that will still output stellar content.

Video Capture Card

No, this is not the same thing as investing in a camera. Although both are designed to record video and audio, they work very differently. A video capture card is designed to connect directly to a computer or server to capture the video that is directly on the screen. For those of you who love watching video game walkthroughs on YouTube, these are the devices that they use (nine times out of ten). What they provide is a still image that will perfectly capture content.

Without a doubt, this is the best way to record anything from a digital screen. It does not just have to be for video games, though. For example, if you want to do commentary for a TV show or event, you could do so in conjunction with your microphone. Much like a camera, the more advanced ones come with a higher price tag. They can be worth it because some will drastically increase the quality of the result.

External Hard Drive

Now, this is thinking completely outside of the box. This might be the last device you would think of when recording, but it can be the most important. It is ironic because it has nothing to do with the recording process itself. Could you think of anything worse than finally completing your exhausting project, only to accidently see the file become corrupt, deleted, or inaccessible? While the chances of that happening are very slim, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

What an external hard drive will allow you to do is have a safe destination to store all your files associated with the recording project. This could include audio and video files, the edited version, the full version, etc. After all, recording anything can be a time-consuming process. Unlike many of the above pieces of hardware, these can be rather inexpensive. It just depends on how much data you think you will use. Typically, audio files do not take up too much hard drive space. On the contrary, HD videos can take it up in a hurry. The best bet is to get one with excess space, that way you do not run out.

Did not think that this much was required to record, huh? It is important to note that you may not need all these devices, as it depends on the recording that you plan to do. Pure gaming enthusiasts will never have to worry about investing in a camera, while aspiring singers will never need a capture card. Figure out what you want to record, then logically decide if you will need any, or all, of the above pieces of hardware.
Technology has given the world a means to entertain themselves for hours on end. However, it has also ensured that millions of people around the world can find employment. It does both so well, and a style of technology that epitomizes that to perfection is recording. Over your lifespan,...