commercial-kitchen-equipment-l-92e42a562ebd2641When you’re in the kitchen, most of the time you’re only going to be as good as your equipment allows you to be. This means that you’re always going to need the best of the best, or at least something that won’t break the moment you push it to the limit. Some people may not be very serious about the “ways of the kitchen”, but many of us are; you probably wouldn’t even be reading this if you weren’t. I take pride in the kind of cooking that I take part in, and the people around me love it as well. Cooking isn’t just for the body, it’s for the soul and every single sense in your body. You’ve got to feel when you have the right amount of ingredients, as well as taste the amazing food for what it really is – looking at it can be just as fun as well. There are a lot of different facets in the kitchen you need to use, especially if you want to be serious about your cooking. The only way to be efficient in the kitchen is to have the tools that let you do that, and that’s what this article is all about.

With the tips I’m sharing here, you can finally craft your kitchen experience into one that you’ll enjoy every single time through. It’s a hassle trying to prepare meals without the right products at your disposal, things like knives and graters are almost mandatory. We’re going to dive a little deeper into this matter, and hopefully when all is said and done, you’ll know exactly what you need (and want). Don’t wait to get yourself suited, especially if you’ve got a holiday or special event coming up – you can never be too prepared when it comes to the kitchen.


MixersMixers are crucial for baking, because you need to mix both wet and dry ingredients together quite frequently. When this is the case, having a mixer that you can rely on is going to save the day on more than one occasion. Trust me, if your mixer breaks on you in the middle of a baking job, you’re going to feel as if you’re naked (figuratively, don’t take that out of context!). Mixer Picks is a great place to start your mixer shopping process, because they recommend specific brands and model to you. I trust them over everyone else, mainly because that’s where I go to research and buy mixers myself. They cover all kinds of mixers, so whether you want a stand-up or hand mixer won’t make too much of a difference.


KnivesThe knives that a chef use sin their kitchen are important, so much so that there are chefs who take a very large amount of pride in them. They’ll have the blades custom-fitted to their handles, as well as make sure that they’re always staying as sharp as possible. You might not need to get that serious with the way of the blade, but you should definitely invest in a decent set of knives. If you don’t, you could be dealing with dull knives more than you’d like – and that’s just going to make preparing food tougher for you. Don’t settle for a set of cheap knives, either; you’ll see how big of a difference a high-quality set can make when you’ve actually tried one out.

Pots & Pans

Pots & PansI take pride in how great my pots and pans look, but I’m a reasonable person. I have a cookie sheet that I’ve used for the exact same recipe, and it happens to be 20 years old – I suppose it’s just a matter of preference. You should have no problem when it comes to finding pots and pans that you can rely on in the kitchen, and if you’ve got ones that are relatively stained/dirty right now, upgrading could actually make your food taste better. It’s not a problem that many people feel like they have, but clean pots and pans means there’s no other flavors around to taint your meals. If you’re a germophobe, you’ve probably already ran out of the door to go and get some new cookware.
When you're in the kitchen, most of the time you're only going to be as good as your equipment allows you to be. This means that you're always going to need the best of the best, or at least something that won't break the moment you push it to...